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How to please Kiwis

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Zoo Miami found itself the target of an angry mob of New Zealanders after video emerged that its kiwi encounter was more hands-on than it should’ve been.

New Zealand bayed for an apology, and it received a brilliant one.

Comms director Ron Magill fronted up to Radio NZ’s Guyon Espiner to give his apology. He used novel and genuine words to great effect. In a heart sleeves performance that Americans can do so well, he openly talked of his shame and embarrassment. It also validated the righteousness some people were feeling.

His overdoing it likely came as a surprise to Guyon, who even had to tell Magill his apology was enough.

Magill’s interview also demonstrated another important technique for interviews; use every opportunity to move the issue to its conclusion. He moved the interview away from tough questions by expressing his wonderment at the forgiveness shown by New Zealanders.

Original words and genuine delivery, with the actions to support them, make a good apology. If you move past the original issue, and use unexpected platitudes, there’s a good chance you won’t need to apologise for it again.

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