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Bringing back the fun to corporate

New Zealanders, with our international reputation as relaxed quipsters, should be expected to take the opportunity offered by April 1st.

But from the corporate circuit the most we got for April Fools tricks was pizza cereal, McPickle pie, and footlong fairy bread.

So boring was the corporate humour, the 1News article on ‘New Zealand’s best hoaxes, jokes, and pranks’, didn’t even make the front page of the website.

Maybe the reputational risk computer took too long.

PR should make life interesting. Any good PR person will have a raft of joke announcements they’d love to make, and a good understanding of what their customers will find funny.

With risk now the number one concern in comms, companies should take advantage of the day they get a free pass. The business can go back to being serious tomorrow.


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