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The uncooked rat foot

We think of stories or events as circles: they need to be completed – usually by you.


Take the recent hoopla over a rat’s foot found in a baby’s mouth. The mother blamed the garlic bread retailer or manufacturer. Left there, the conclusion is that the story was true.


This time, the Ministry of Primary Industry completed the circle by announcing the result of investigations. The rat foot was uncooked. Thus, the most likely source was the home itself.


The story got a new conclusion. This changed what the public knew and thought, and thus, rebalanced damaged reputations.


Bizarrely, many executives decide not to do anything when a story is left unfinished. They fear reigniting the story. The result is that they cement the story at the worst possible concluding point. Don’t rely on MPI or anyone else – you must complete stories yourself. 

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