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Your CEO is your persuader-in-chief

If there was ever a time for communicators to lean on their CEO, it’s during a recession.

Organisations in a battle to retain customers and revenues should see their CEO as the persuader-in-chief. People are far more likely to be convinced by humans than corporate happy speak in marketing and media releases.

That’s because people ascribe human traits to organisations, good and bad. Leadership is a vessel for those traits and the organisation’s personality.

Edelman’s annual trust surveys show Businesses and CEOs enjoy a high degree of trust amongst ordinary people. That’s in contrast to low trust of Government and news media, which means you should not rely on them for your communications.

It’s far better for CEOs to find novel, physical ways to communicate with or be approached by customers.

These are the relatable traits people like from those they do business with. By piggybacking off the CEO’s personality, organisations are instantly on stronger footing to persuade customers.

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