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PR lessons from failed Super League

PR lessons from the failed Super League

The collapse of the European Super League last week teaches two important PR lessons.

1.       Doubts will be revealed when public pressure comes on.

2.       If you win, be magnanimous.

The massive backlash and public criticisms were easily anticipated. The organisers of the breakaway clubs should’ve stress tested their ability to handle criticism, and been more adept at early communication of the problem and their solution.

For example, the Super League could have been less absolute in its proposal for a new competition.  Communicating unpopular ideas as a draft or as yet to be finalised is an effective way for gradually building public comfort or tolerance to it.

The completeness of the competition proposal made it much easier for fans to reject. The organisers failed to find common cause with fans, side with them on criticisms, and show how their competition is not as bad as UEFA’s reformed competition. UEFA would be wise to acknowledge fan misgivings to its reformed competition. It should be magnanimous in victory. It would be a mistake to assume the fans turned down the Super League in favour of UEFA.

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