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Rippl hijacks the hole

The mess of QR code collages at hospitality locations illustrates communication planning gone wrong.

The Ministry of Health and the Government managed to create an enormous public demand for a contact tracing app. And as we sat in lockdown, the public and hospitality businesses grew convinced that what we would need in level 2 was one contact tracing app to rule them all.

But the risk of creating demand is that someone else will fill it before you can.

Rippl beat the official NZ Covid Tracer app to the post, with Wellington and Dunedin City Councils supporting it, as well as hundreds of hospitality outlets desperately preparing to be ready to restart business.

By the time NZ Covid Tracer actually launched, Rippl was already dominant. But organisations felt obliged to adopt the Government app as well, if only for customers who wanted to use it. The Government’s mistake may have been to offer an app at all, but the communication mistake was not to give businesses and their customers confidence that an ‘official’ one would be ready in time.

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