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Real Response: The Brewery

Most of the time organisations apologise in public, they either don’t need to, or they do it in a dreary, formulaic and saccharine manner.  The Birkenhead Brewing Company chose to withdraw and apologise when called out on some new Maori-influenced product branding. They did it thoroughly, and in a way unique to their style.

What they said:

“Following our meeting last Friday at Te Owhata Marae… we are both enlightened and relieved. …we now better understand the importance and impact of Maori culture and heritage, especially with regard to Maori stories and Taonga (treasures). We would like to pay particular respect to Kaumatua from Te Arawa in Rotorua, who, as the guardians of the Hinemoa and Tūtānekai story, helped us to understand and appreciate the significance of their ancestors.”

The company rebranded quickly and gifted its original Hinemoa and Tūtānekai artworks to the Te Arawa Koeke for their own copyright protection and use.

We say:

This is how it’s done – actions that cost time and money; and sentiments originally voiced and expressed.

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