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Real Response: Owning the mistake

We’ve got a lot of time for the response of ex-All Black Troy Flavell when media asked him about his guilty plea and conviction for driving over the alcohol limit.

Flavell owned the situation: he refused to apply for name suppression. He said the community needed to see him take responsibility for his actions.

“I made a terrible, disgusting mistake and an embarrassingly poor decision. Obviously my actions come with consequences and I want to take that on the chin and move forward from this. I want to urge young people to understand – don’t get behind the wheel after drinking.”

The hyperbole was possibly unnecessary, as he drove for a few hundred metres before pulling over and going to sleep. He was dobbed in by a “concerned member of the public”, and was technically still in charge of the vehicle.

Whether disproportionate or proportionate to the infraction, the strong response helped. We liked his willingness to front up when asked. Defence was probably not an option, and his turn-of-phrase was natural, unabashed, and straight to the point.

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