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Perceptions of the Waikato region

These results are from a Horizon Research nationwide survey of 1000 adults conducted between 7-14 August 2018. Respondents were members of Horizon’s nationwide adult online research panel. The survey results (prompted and unprompted) are weighted by age, gender, personal income and employment status to represent the New Zealand 18+ population at the 2013 census. At a 95% confidence level the maximum margin of error is +/- 3.2%.

Respondents were shown a map of the Waikato Regional Council area. They were then asked for unprompted and promoted responses to determine what they thought about and associated with the region.

They were asked

• “What three things do you most associate with the Waikato region?” (Unprompted). 932 respondents made 1,983 comments, then • “Thinking about the Waikato region as a whole, which, if any, of the following things would you associate with the Waikato Region?” 998 respondents selected from a list of topics.

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