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Lamb hunter

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The corporate world can tie itself in unnecessary knots. Imagine a large business exporting meat that was criticised for killing them. How would it respond?

The answer was simple for Roger Beattie, who lets a flock of 1500 Pitt Island sheep run wild on his Banks Peninsula property. He goes to the property on a schedule, shoots the lambs and packages them up as “wild lamb”.

His answer was: “People are uncomfortable about a lot of things. Our target market is not vegans. The sort of people we are targeting know that if you want to have meat you have to kill the animal.”

That’s a perfect real response to the concerns expressed by people who are not his target market.

He also got the opportunity to get in a sales pitch: “It’s coastal lamb. They are browsing grasses, herbs and clovers and shrubs and native bushes. So there is a flavour profile that is more complex and deeper than any other lamb”.

If your business was criticised for its mode of operation, can you make your response as simple and unequivocal as that used by Roger? Do you have a clear description of the advantages of your product?

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