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Has your message adapted?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Lockdown has confined us to our homes, changing our daily surroundings and keeping your usual sources of inspiration at a distance. For many people and brands, it has become harder to produce their typical content for social channels.

Our advice is to acknowledge that life for your customers has changed too.

The battle for attention is not as fierce as it usually is. This is evidenced by the success of much softer, more human content. While some have adapted well, with podcasts, live-streams, and informal videos, others have tried too hard to maintain their usual intensity by delivering a mass of regurgitated content and throwbacks to their followers.

Resist the urge to over-reminisce and meet your customers where they are right now. Those who adapt to Covid’s restrictions by taking advantage of the appetite for softer and timely content will stay the most relevant and make the strongest connections with their followers in this time.

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