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Dress up to persuade

Three brothers were part of a team that invented a portable medical diagnosis device for an innovation competition.

Which of the two photos above is the best one to help tell the story about their technology? The one of the three brothers dressed up as Star Trek figures holding their Dr McCoy version of the tricorder. Or the one of the team of middle-aged Americans in chinos and t-shirts.

Which image is most striking? Which one tells the story in a glance? Which one makes you chuckle? Which one might you share with friends or recall later?

Almost every one of us will respond best to the photo and story of the three brothers. It’s unlikely to be entirely accurate about their device, but you understand its benefits.

The effort you must put into being interesting increases proportionately to your physical and metaphysical distance from the audience.

If that means dressing up pretending you’re from Star Trek, you must do it.

Why? Because people pay more attention to things they recognise. Because it helps understanding.  And because life ought to include a bit of fun.

When you’ve got a new product or service, or an idea to share with others – forget the team photo. Forget the technical detail. Go with the imaginative idea the PR team throws at you.

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