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Real Response: The Box Cutter

The writer of a “human interest” story on Stuff about safety box cutters got in touch with Foodstuffs to ask whether their staff used them. Foodstuffs would not confirm whether the staff used safety box cutters.

What they said:

“At Foodstuffs we adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 across all areas of our business. This ensures all activity is carried out in an appropriate and safe manner, including that where a box cutter may be used.”

We say:

Oh dear. Is this the sort of place you’d enjoy shopping? Middle management-speak choked the life out of the response. No ordinary language. Reference to laws. No expression of values we can relate to.

What they could have said:

“There’s a lot of box cutting in this business, so we’re hot on staff doing their jobs safely. Many of our staff like using safety box cutters. All tools have their place, and staff select what they think best for the job.”

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